COS Expands Ensemble

COS Expands Ensemble

The Cumberland Oratorio Singers will move forward with a plan to broaden their vocal horizons by adding a second group to their organization. Cross Creek Chorale, the auditioned group, will feature a more expanded choral experience for those wanting an advanced rigor. This ensemble will be featured, along with the entire membership of the COS, in their opening and closing concerts of every season.  The non-auditioned aspect of the COS will remain in place for those not interested in this new auditioned feature. We believe that by being able to offer something for all singers, we will better meet our mission of providing choral music to more people in the Sandhills region.

The concert season will therefore be as follows:

October 25 - "Life Through Poetry and Song" (featuring Cross Creek Chorale and the full compliment of the COS)

December 14 & 15 - Messiah (All COS members)

April 5 - Te Deum, Anton Bruckner (All COS members)

May 3 - Mass of the Children (featuring Cross Creek Chorale and the full compliment of the COS)

Members of the Cross Creek Chorale are--

Soprano                                                 Alto

1st Brandy Castillo                                   1st Shanan Colvin                         

Julie Sherman                                          Marion Elliot     

Kathy Thaman                                         Donna Jo Mangus

Yeon Lee                                                 Micah Martin

2nd Polly Alves                                        2nd Becky Dyer

Susan Bartz Herrick                                Margaretta Kelly

Michelle Conn                                         Maureen Yearby

Marcia Johnson                                       Mary Potter

Tenor                                                      Bass                        

1st Sean Closz                                          1st A. J. Macks

Matt Martin                                             Josh Poindexter

2nd Daniel Cohn                                      Mike Taylor

Kyle Johnston                                         2nd Fitz Lee

                                                                James Macks

                                                                Mark Wilson